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Monitors with 60Hz refresh rate

4508 PC displays 60 Hz refresh rate

The refresh rate indicates in hertz (Hz) how many times per second the image displayed on the monitor is updated, the higher the frequency, the more fluent the image should be.

Monitors with a 60 Hz refresh rate are ideal and more than enough for office work or occasional home use.

Video game players usually look for a higher refresh rate on their monitors however for most computer gamers 60 Hz is more than enough, refresh rate should not be confused with frames per second (FPS) the amount of The frames per second displayed depend on the image being played and the capabilities of the computer or game console that is generating those images.

That is, a video game can vary its FPS from 20 to 60 or 120 frames per second depending on the capacity of the graphics card, processor, and content of the video game that is running.

To watch videos and movies, 30 FPS is enough, therefore with a refresh rate of 60 Hz we will have a fluid image.