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3:4 aspect ratio monitors

18 PC displays with a 3:4 aspect ratio

The 3:4 aspect ratio on computer monitors refers to the ratio between the width and height of the screen. In this case, the screen is 3 units wide by 4 units high. This aspect ratio used to be common on older flat panel monitors, but is now rarely used on newer monitors.

The 3:4 aspect ratio is used on some medical monitors to provide additional vertical space that can be useful for displaying detailed information. These monitors are typically used by medical professionals in clinical settings, such as hospitals and doctor's offices.

One of the advantages of a 3:4 aspect ratio screen on medical monitors is that it provides a more detailed view of medical images, such as x-rays or ultrasound images. In addition, the screen ratio is compatible with some medical imaging systems and specialized software used in clinical practice.

However, this aspect ratio is no longer common on modern monitors and there are probably fewer options for 3:4 aspect ratio monitors compared to other more popular aspect ratios.

In general, a 3:4 aspect ratio monitor is suitable for medical use and can be beneficial for displaying detailed information in medical images. However, for more general tasks, such as web browsing or video editing, it may be better to opt for a aspect ratio of 16:9 or higher aspect ratio monitor.