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PC monitors with IPS-ADS technology

103 PC screens with IPS-ADS technology

What is an IPS ADS screen?

IPS-ADS is a variant technology of IPS technology developed by Chinese company BOE, therefore it inherits the features of IPS and adds new features to improve them.

The characteristics that improve this type of screens are: greater luminosity, improved contrast and greater rigidity of the screen.

Who is an IPS ADS screen for?

Like IPS screens, this type of panel is ideal for jobs in which color fidelity and a wide viewing angle are important.

On IPS screens, blacks are blacker and whites are white, as well as grays are displayed correctly, on the other hand, the wide viewing angle allows correct viewing from any angle, both vertically and horizontally.

If you are hesitating between an IPS screen and an IPS ADS screen, you should consider whether it is important for the use that you are going to give it the highest contrast and brightness, as for the hardness of the screen, it may be important for touch screens. Therefore, if you do not care about these IPS-enhancing features, you should consider other monitor features such as refresh rate, response speed, size, brand, or price.