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Monitors with 100Hz refresh rate

539 PC displays with 100Hz refresh rate

PC monitors with 100Hz refresh rate offer a much smoother and sharper image compared to standard 60Hz monitors. These monitors refresh the image 100 times per second, which means there is less waiting time between refresh rates. upgrade, resulting in better image clarity and a smoother feel when moving objects on the screen.

The benefits of a monitor with a 100Hz refresh rate include a more immersive, stutter-free viewing experience. These monitors are ideal for gamers as they allow for greater precision and responsiveness in fast-paced games, meaning gamers can react faster and more accurately to what's happening on the screen. They're also great for video editing and animation, where a higher refresh rate can help catch errors and make finer adjustments.

However, there are some disadvantages that must be taken into account. Monitors with a high refresh rate may consume more power and therefore may generate more heat. They can also be more expensive than standard monitors and require a powerful graphics card to maintain the 100Hz refresh rate.

If you won't be using your computer for activities that require a high refresh rate, you can opt for a standard 60Hz monitor that is more affordable and consumes less power.