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PC monitors with TN technology

1716 PC screens with TN technology

What is a TN screen?

TN is a kind of LCD panel technology. In this type of panel, when no electrical current is passed through the liquid crystal cells, the cells naturally align in a twisted fashion between two substrate glass panels that block light transmission from the backlight. This turns the lenses opaque and results in a black screen. When an electrical current is applied, the liquid crystal cells unscrew and allow light to pass through, resulting in a white screen.

Who is a TN screen for?

TN panels have relatively narrow viewing angles, especially in the vertical direction, and color reproduction is poor; however, they are inexpensive and suitable for a wide range of general uses, particularly with office tasks (for example, word processing).

There are many gaming monitors that use this type of technology since it is cheaper and allows higher refresh rates and slower response speed, which is very important for professional or advanced gamers.

In video games and office work in which the viewing angle or color fidelity is not so important, this type of screen allows you to create larger or curved monitors.