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Monitors with 144Hz refresh rate

1211 PC displays 144Hz refresh rate

The refresh rate indicates in hertz (Hz) how many times per second the image displayed on the monitor is updated, the higher the frequency, the more fluent the image should be.

Monitors with 144Hz refresh rate are commonly used by gamers as it shows them more fluidity in the moving image and therefore it is more difficult to miss details and it will be easier and faster to react during a game.

Do not confuse the refresh rate with the frames per second, the FPS or frames per second depend on the content being played, for example a movie may be displayed at 25 or 30 fps while the monitor will have a constant refresh rate of 144 Hz unless this monitor has a variable refresh rate, which is unlikely, this technology to adapt the refresh rate with the displayed content is only beginning to be implemented in mobile devices with the aim of reducing consumption Of electricity.

For office work or occasional use, a monitor with a refresh rate higher than 60 Hz will not be necessary.